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This table will no longer be updated after 06/30/2014.
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  • Enter your search criteria in any or all of the boxes above and click Find Centers to display matching Center Codes with their descriptions.
  • Only the first 200 Center Codes which match your search criteria are displayed; narrow your search by adding more criteria.
  • You may enter fields in UPPER or lower case; searching ignores case.
  • If you use the Campus dropdown to select a single Campus, dropdowns for School, Division, and Department will appear. Please note that these dropdowns are only filtered by the Campus you selected. Therefore, we recommend only using at most one of the School, Division, and Department dropdowns in a search.
  • A Center record must meet all your specified search criteria to be displayed.
  • Matching in the GMS Center or PS Center field always starts in position 1. Wild-card characters may be used to refine your search.
  • Matching in the Description or PS Description field can occur any place in the field. Wild-card characters may be used to refine your search.
  • The Description search selects records that have the specified text anywhere in the description fields for Grant, Gift, Project, or Program.
  • In addition, the Description field can be used to search for an Assignee user name. Often the last name is sufficient. When it is not the first name can be added following the last name and a comma with no spaces. E.g., doe,jane
  • The wild-card character "%" matches any string of characters of any length.
  • The wild-card character "_" matches any single character. For example, use the pattern __1234% in the PC Center box to select all PS cost centeres with home department 1234. (Note that in the example there are two underscore characters that will match GX, RX, etc.)
  • You may enter a single blank (without CC) in the GMS Center field to search for unmapped PS Cost Centers.